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Diamond, who is associate professor of psychology and gender studies at the University of Utah, was moved to conduct a study on female sexuality after observing that: "heterosexual women falling in love with female friends, lesbian women periodically dating men— were presumed few in number and exceptional in nature.

I don't think there was a specific moment when it sank in: it was more of a gradual process.

Each time she collected this data, around 20-30% of these women had adopted a different sexual identity label since she last spoke to them."One of the fundamental, defining features of female sexual orientation [in comparison to male sexuality] is its fluidity," concludes Diamond.

Whether or not we are more likely to experience attraction to both genders than the boys, the ordeal of re-identifying – or even just experimenting - later in life can be daunting.

When people ask you when you'll grow it long again. When you wear a hat and your hair disappears as if you have no hair at all.

All that said, when your friends' hair is sticking to their backs at the beach, you're running around like, "I don't have that problem and my showers take five minutesssss.

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