Are alex pettyfer and dianna agron dating

Agron was first spotted with the British actor last August while filming the action flick together.He made a pit-stop on the set, further winning over Agron – and her costars.And now with this kind of a reputation floating around, suddenly we’ve gone from “promising” to “a gamble”.I saw , thought it was hilarious, and Pettyfer, with terrible dialogue and not much to work with, certainly has some charisma.His film came in 2nd on its opening weekend at the box office, third if you count Monday.It’s not a total bust considering this is a brand new franchise with a book audience that was never given time to gestate, but it’s not the slam dunk he was hoping for, surely not.Yet just three short years later, the site is lauding him for being a “hopeless romantic” around Valentine’s Day.

Charlie Sheen has become more of a punch line than a public threat.

According to some reports, Agron initiated the split shortly after pictures – shot by famed Lindsay Lohan photographer Tyler Shields – were released of a barely clothed Pettyfer with models Lydia Hearst and Leven Rambin.

But the shoot reportedly took place long before the duo even began dating.

And yet, via our major publications, we’ve moved on, we’ve forgotten, and we’re willing to turn a blind eye to his past exploits, without any good reason to do so. Chris Brown, granted whose transgressions far eclipsed Pettyfer’s as far as we know, has been under constant scrutiny since he abused Rihanna in the hours leading up to the 2009 Grammy’s.

But even he’s been able to resurrect a career, proving that the turned eye isn’t necessarily limited by race.

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