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And what happens when a dog turns out to be a different breed than indicated (proven after the animals capture and autopsy).

As for your other points and half the other comments on here. Too often so not to dissuade people from adopting pits key information about inherent traits are omitted.

Nguyen did not go into details regarding the injuries the baby suffered, saying the San Diego County Medical Examiners office would determine the cause of death.

Not good on a leash, not safe off of one 10 most intimidating.

So, you can can call as idiots as much as you want, but you are still factually wrong.

That info isnt intended to make pit bulls look bad, but it does none the less.

Pits have an exploding reputation for their unstable prey drive.

Greg Brady No, they are genetically bred to attack and kill to the death UNEXPECTEDLY and UNPREDICTABLY.

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People who had sheep, kept breeding the border collies and austrailian shepherds to herd their sheep. I think that pits can be pets if you understand all facets of the breed.

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