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When Braun Strowman made his WWE debut, fans could have been forgiven for thinking he was just another bland muscleman, relying on his look and physique rather than in-ring ability.

The 44-year-old actor needed to bulk up in a hurry for his role in the film.“I rang Dwayne for help because I saw him between the two Fast & Furious movies and he put on 25lb, which in muscle is a lot.

And the 24-year-old shared a comical snap from the bash last month, which showed the pair posing together while the former tank driver strummed a ukulele. It was revelations that the movie star had fathered Joseph with the housekeeper that led to the split between the former Governor of California and Patrick's mother Maria Shriver.

Musing on their evening, Arnold's eldest son said: 'Can't thank you enough for the life you have given me. The couple filed for divorce in 2011 but it has never been finalized and Arnold has previously continued to refer to his estranged spouse as his wife.

It really is hard to put on that amount of muscle,” Jackman explains.“He did it in six months.

And Arnold Schwarzenegger underlined this by sharing a sweet flashback photo of himself and son Patrick as he wished his boy a happy 24th birthday on Monday.

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