Defining and validating bipolar disorder in the preschool period

Personality measurements, if they discriminate at all, always express, in a pure or impure form, explicitly or implicitly, a personality concept in terms of which the differential behavior may be understood.Personality concepts, if they are not hopelessly vague or inconsistent, always imply specifiable behavioral differences in people.By way of illustration, consider the concept of anxiety and its measurement.Perhaps all conceptualizations of personality leave room for or try to encompass the notion of anxiety; by focusing on the measurement of anxiety, most of the problems and logic of personality measurement may be illustrated.These differences may be impractical to study or they may be judged as trivial, but the concept requires that they exist.The distinction between, yet interdependence of, concept and measurement in the study of personality requires a spiraling interplay of these levels of analysis—concepts should suggest approaches to measurement, and measurement should refine conceptual formulations.And yet, if a science of personality is to be formed, the responsibilities of coupling concept and measure must be met.

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