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I have gone and checked out the pussy paradises in nearly every corner of the planet, but after all this there is still one country that is hands down the easiest place to fuck girls.Before, I was only giving some of this information to Swoop’s newsletter subscribers, but I feel like my readers should know it as well.Put up a couple pictures and write a quick bio saying where you are from. more attractive girls will message you on this Philippine site than anywhere else in the world.I have compared my results to countless countries and no other country compares in easiness.This cooler was in the sun all day for three days and it was hot.I have also used this cooler for a weeks worth of camping and we used block ice and we were gone for 8 days and when we got home we still had a huge chunk of ice on the bottom and very little water.

Then, after you see the ridiculous attention that you get, book a ticket.

If you are looking to fuck girls easily, nowhere compares to the Philippines.

There are quite a few reasons for this: If you want to fuck girls easily, want the ultimate single guy adventure or really need a huge confidence boost.

The easiest country, hands down, to fuck girls in the world is a country in South East Asia called The Philippines.

I have been to all the places where women were reportedly very easy and nothing compares.

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