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I love a lot about my former husband and admire him immensely but I’m not sure it was the right kind of love or we would have stayed together. Is it the desire to go to every movie, play, museum, summer BBQ event, restaurant, and outdoor walk anywhere with that person?Or, put more simply, is it the feeling that you want to, that you must, share everything with that person?

By that I mean, I was changing inside…busily changing…sometimes manic-ly changing.

The only thing that calmed me down during this period was my newfound, (yes at age 42!

), love of surfing and the healing powers of the ocean’s saltwater.

That’s what I wanted to write about in this book: a woman who has so many fears about being on her own that she can’t stop and appreciate the gifts around her that will fulfill her no matter what turns her love life takes.

Too many of us forget ourselves and how grateful we are for our children, our work, our passions, our families, our friends and we stress over some guy who isn’t even worth it in the end.

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This is all to say that writing a novel is like birthing a child, but, for me, it also included a deep process of coming to terms with things.

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