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How It Works: This program is designed to use attention-getting activities to excite middle school students about writing a "how-to" process paper.

Step One: Introduce the process of writing a "how-to" paper using visual charts to display the various steps.

Positive self-concept and confidence occur as students prepare their speeches and share them with the class, thus working to be effective communicators. " is a forum for studying public speaking, performance art, literary concepts, writing, and critical analysis in ways that guarantee active and responsible involvement of all students.

Students write their own original plays or scenes, dramatize historical events or scenes from literature studied or work with published dramas.

Literature lessons include types of drama; parts of a plot; character development; and stereotyping.

Written assignments include reviews of television programs and live plays; scripts for videotaped reviews; self and peer assessment forms; and directions for theatrical face painting.

What You Need: Materials And Facilities: The room should accommodate learning centers so student groups can work simultaneously on various activities throughout the classroom.

Five classes of 25 seventh grade students in heterogeneous ability level classes have participated each year. The Students: This is a wonderful project to do at the beginning of a new school year, because it helps students get to know each other quickly, and the teacher can learn each child's strengths, many of which may never be demonstrated in the daily classroom.

Overall Value: "Celebrating Me" involves a combination of cognitive and affective skills resulting in a motivating and enjoyable learning experience.

Public speaking lessons include elocution exercises and the actual performing of plays and critiques before the class.

Lessons can be added or deleted depending upon time constraints, students' abilities, and individual teachers' goals without compromising the effectiveness of core leanings.

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Teamwork, building positive self-concept, and responsibility converge in this unit with strong academic content in writing, and speaking, listening and viewing skills.

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