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See, this drama focuses on the lives of 5-6 females. That is what makes this drama unique - it focuses on REAL storyline and character development - NOT some cliche relationships and romance where females getting sweeped off their feet by guys.

I've came to loathe drama where they focus solely on kiss scenes and sexualizing the actors/actresses...

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as the first season. song ji won's character will death :( Ji won and sung min please be together in the final episode! They should at least kiss once, or ge should confess to her! But the problem is Jiwon :'( she shouldn't face that kind of problem sob sob this make me hurt enough. and i just wanna say i love this drama since season 1 : D..

One thing that I was disappointed in was the change in the character Yoo Eun Jae. Jiwon and sungmin will got married and will have a daughter. i'm for indonesia and to watch this drama i have to wait so long time to have the sub hiks T_T. can't wait for the next season @[email protected] I really really like this drama since season 1.

I love watching kang yina, park hyesoo as eunjae, and wish too see more sceentime for yoon park and han yeri. Jongyeol x eunjae , jiwon x sungmin, jinmyung x jaehwan, yina x dongjo Personally, I think this season wasn't as good as the first season.

I like how the first season was a lot more relatable as a college student while this season was more dramatic. Eun jae character is quite annoying this time but on the other hand it's much better to be broken up, we can see the new kind of plot they get along still together the plot will be boring anyway. our senbae is the best This is the first time i left a comment about drama that i ever watched : D.

- Who’s the ep13 kid in the 8 years later epilogue?? Hoping for more Kang-Yi Na exposure on the 3rd season. Anyway, am i the only one who noticed that she looks really pretty and looks like anne hathaway???

- Why did Yoon Park only appeared on the finale episode??? People gotta understand the underlying message in this drama. If you've been watching the drama, there hasn't been many kiss scenes between females/males - their partners.

She stays in the room previously occupied by Yi-Na (Ryu Hwa-Young). But Eunjae's character seems so different from the 1st season, i kinda didn't like eunjae this season. Their scenes were still my favorite scenes from the drama, s1 and s2. Seongmin still hasn't confessed even though he had tons of chances. Am i the only one who thinks that the villa of heimdal in the last episode of age of youth is the same villa that the five housemates stayed in episode one...

She was one of those giddy, naive, and annoying characters rather than the quiet character who was conscious and considerate of others. Also, it would be awesome to have Park Hye Soo to act as Eun Jae and have Ji Woo introduced as a different character. Anyways.......can't wait for 3rd season Really love these series!!! I hope Park Eun Bin and Son Seung Won can play again in another drama as lover and also Han Yeri with Yoon Bak too Hands down! season 1 are more interesting than season 2,maybe kang yi na was there and always bickering with ye eun..i don't like eun jae character because of obsession her ex, she likes stalker and psychopath sometimes..really hope season 3 kang sunbaenim would return i only like jo eun and jang hoon couple in this season rest of the couple were not that much interesting..season 3 with more jo eun & jang hoon romance please .a-ra and kim mink suk u guys have a beautiful chemistry and you guys made the show intersting with your cute romance hope u guys come together in a another show as lead couple .jo eun and jang hoon so much This drama really nice and amazing!!

It would have been nice to see the relationship between Yoon Jin Myung and Park Jae Wan this season, but since we didn't get that, I was happy to see Jo Eun and Seo Jang Hoon as a couple. Personally, I found Kim Min Suk's character, SJH, really attractive. 2nd season left off with too many unanswered questions and too many things left out with episode 13th epilogue with a young girl with short legs and no double eye lids being taken out for a walk with her father and she asks if her mom used to stay in the house where the current female leads live at.... Can't even wait to watch the 3rd season, and will Park Hye Soo play again as Eun Jae ? Each and every character was superb but for me the best is song ji won and sung min they were fun to watch. Best drama this year Although i was quite disappointed that Sungmin & Jiwon did not became a couple, the drama "age of youth" does depicts a very realistic narrative and enables the viewers to reflect on themselves while watching the show! And plz add kang yi na's acting shots in season 3 more than season 2. Even kang yi na just cameo in this season but the story still make me enjoy.

In the show's reunion episode, the footage was played back to a room full of all the contestants, including an embarrassed Leah and Hosea (who was the season's winner).

They admitted that their respective relationships with their significant others ended after the infamous kiss, and even noted that they'd probably be dating if they lived in the same city.

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