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without that, and those examples, I don't think I could have figured out how to do any of it.so If I used an idea of yours and didn't credit you, I apologize. Here is my naming scheme For Movies, I've worked on for the last couple weeks on.The Nordic stuff is because I live there so I know which movies they are. but Haven't been able too, so if any of you out there, want to tackle these ideas, That'd be rad. The things i would still like to add are: These Ideas I haven't been able to get working yet.If you want to use the format but don't want the special hack for Nordic stuff remove the text: "&& ! Spoken Languages[0] ==~ /(sv|da|no)/)" The audio/movie codecs are hacked a bit to be named by their real/common names instead of the ones defined by mediainfo. DTS-HD MA, MP3, VC-1 instead of DTS MA Core, MPEG Audio and Microsoft respectively. But they would make the naming scheme perfect for me. This also proves handy for forcing extra folders in example: Avatar: The Last Air Bender; Avatar/The Last Air Bender The Legend of Korra; Avatar/The Legend of Korra Causes these two shows to be neatly organised into E:/Videos/Avatar/Show Name/Season/Episode 3) Inbuilt multi-part episode handle that outputs format of 4) Replaces part numbers on episodes with (Part 0) 5) If a special episode is included it is placed within its related Season and formatted as Special 00 - Title 6) General house-keeping. Having shared this with my brother (on mac) we hit some issues with it (to do with file paths and such) and it needs to be done like this to work (basically just exact past no ~ shortcuts and swapped \ for / in the file path.

Xvi Example 2 Before: runner-batman-s01e01After: The. ^.^ Cheers, ~Ithiel (Last Updated 2014/01/06) UPDATE: Like this naming scheme?Example 1 (source and group unknown): American Dad - 101 - Threat became F:\American Dad! - 101 - Pilot [2005] [384p] [Xvi D] [MP3]Example 2 (all info known): american.horror.story.s01e01.720x264became F:\American Horror Story\Season 1\American Horror Story - 101 - Pilot [2011] [720p] [HDTV] [x264] [AC3] [ORENJi]NOTE 1: For the source and group bindings to work the file name must already include them in some form so that File Bot can read and parse the data from it. MA.6ch] Movie: English Title (2013) x264Folder: English Title (Original Title) (1998) [576p] [AC3] Movie: English Title (1998) Xvi Folder: English Title (2001) [Extended] [1080p] [AC3] Movie: English Title (2001) Xvi D Episodes (FB 4.1) This script is quite simple except the original title part at the beginning. DTS.5.1// Latin characters but added english name Jagten.(2012).1080p. I rip my movies as single files without any splits.NOTE 2: For the video format, video codec, and audio codec bindings to work you need to have Media Info installed and working. I'm running on 64-bit Windows and installed File Bot x64? Since I have some german tv shows I like to get correct titels for them. I do not use extended info here, because I want all shows in one folder per season. Series is a bit simpler as I only care about the name we get from The TVDB (I have long since abandoned any hope that they'll change their mind and structure series as they were intended instead of simply how they where broadcasted): NOTE: I do not pad the season numbering (i.e. Examples: filebot -script fn:amc "x:/downloads" --log-file d:\--output "//nas/" --action move --conflict skip -non-strict --def clean=y --def "movie Format=Movies/.()" --def "series Format=TV Shows///.." Here is my naming scheme For TV Shows that I've worked on for the last couple weeks on. Hindsight.(1).720p.x264EDIT: Changed season episode numbering as per suggestion from rednoah to inbuilt expression that handles special cases and multi-episodes.This way I can keep the original titles which I prefer, but still have a chance to find them/connect them to the English titles most commonly used when talking to people. it is based on: "Ithiel's super crazy renaming scheme for perfectionists! Changes/Updates/Additions Like i said I could be missing things I've done. Everything else should still be the same as: "Ithiel's super crazy renaming scheme for perfectionists! Also there are a couple other things I'd like to do to it.

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